Starline Genetics

From Starline himself:
I really love cultivating and pheno hunting and have been doing it for almost 15 years. You know that feeling when the garden is flourishing and totally healthy and praying… mmm. Its truly amazing how this plant has so many expressions, structures, effects, and terpene profiles. I feel like there is so much more to be done with proper research by way of mass pheno hunting and terpene research. Genetics are the keys. I would love to be more involved on this side of things in this day and age. Feel free to reach out to me.
I have a scientific background in mainly advanced Genetics and Biology. I held a position in a stem cell research lab on the cutting edge over ten years ago. I was maintaining tissue cultures, conducting research and running experiments. The day to day consisted of reading current scientific journals and collaborating to discover new things and push the knowledge further through the scientific method. I was certified as biosafety level 3: bloodborn pathogens.. which means I was trained to work in a laminar flow hood with sterile technique.
I was never published officially but I was close.. I left the lab life to build a good life foundation and focus on my passion: organic cultivation and natural genetic selection but my research mentality stuck. I always push further to learn new things mainly about soil biology, cultivation and genetic selection. I will write a book one day..

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