24k Blackberries

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24K Tangie x Hucklebuckle (Kimdawg x Di Fruitti)

10+ m/f seeds per pack

Flower time: 9-10 weeks

24k Blackberries pairs one of west Michigan’s favorite cuts with Mike AllDay’s stunner Hucklebuckle. Orange, Citrus, Tart, Sweet, Complex Chem terps make up the 24k Blackberries. Don’t let her mellow mother fool you, this one has a bite to match. Well stacking, sativa type growth with a nice density and tighter inter-nodal spacing make this hybrid ideal for gardens large and short.

24k Tangie Bred by DNA Genetics is Tangie x Kosher Kush hunted/selected by Mike AllDay.

Mike AllDay’s Hucklebuckle is in an extraordinary plant; Line bred, and selected by Mike himself throughout many seasons right in south central Michigan’s finest hills.

It began with a small batch of Tres Stardawg 2.0 crosses that paired wonderfully with Kimbo Kush to make KIMDAWG. Mike’s pride, KIMDAWG, met her match with Mike’s selected Di Fruitti male (Harrry Palms collab with Karma genetics). Di Fruitti is Strawguava x Headbanger.


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