Cap Junky Coldbrew

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Cap Junky x Koffee Mints

12 m/f seeds per pack

Flower time: 9-10 weeks

Cap Junky (Capulator/SeedJunky collab) is Alien Cookies x Kushmints #11

Koffee Mints, bred by Rekind Genetics is (Gelato 45 x Platinum Kush Mints) x Koffee V3. 

(Gelato 45 x Platinum Kush Mints) bred by Inhouse Genetics and selected by Rekind Genetics

Koffee V2 bred by Pacific NW Roots, and selected by Rekind Genetics.

Each Pack Includes 2 FULL FREEBIE PACKS (12 seeds each) from Rekind Genetics of:

Strawberry Wine

Brandywine x (Strawberry Blue x Lee Roy TK)

Grease Mints

(Monkeywine x Facemints) x Koffee Mints


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