Galaxy Sunshine x Black & Blissful


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Galaxy Sunshine x Black & Blissful

5+ ⚢ Feminized Seeds per pack

Includes 2 ⚢Feminized freebie seeds of:

Lemon Layer Cake #4 x B&B. Lemon Layer Cake, bred by White Forest Seeds, is Lemon Tree x Ice Cream Cake.

Growth Traits:

50/50 Hybrid

THC %: 25-29/30

68-72 Day Bloom Cycle

Nutrient Intake: Below Average – Mid Feeder

Terps: Fresh Baked Cookies & Kush with some basic fruity undertones 

Relatively easy to grow and maintain for newer growers; with moderate stretching during the first 4 weeks of switching from veg. to “bloom” aka flowering (going from 18h on/6h off in veg. to 12h on/12h off in flower in regards to light cycles)

Notes from the Breeder:

Regarding Galaxy Sunshine (personal selection) x Black & Blissful F1 it usually runs VERY similar to my Magnolia Pie S1 x Black & Blissful cross but with larger yields and suited a bit better for outdoor growth however she still shines best indoors or in a greenhouse environment.

Very good yields, excellent resin production (both in oil quality & trichome density) and a great alternative or addition to the Magnolia Pie S1 x Black and Blissful cross also in this drop.

Genetic Lineage:

Galaxy Sunshine is Rainbow Road (Gelato 33 x Zkittles) (@blacksheepfarmzz cut) x reversed Magnolia Pie and was also bred by @Kingjaygenetics and uses his reversed Magnolia Pie (Vanilla Berry Pie x Mimosa V2) cut as the feminized pollen donor. Definitely check him out on social media (Instagram, etc.)

Black Chem clone (Phocas Cut) x reversed Blissful Wizard 32 clone Feminized

*Black Chem was the first feminized cross I ever made under Manifest destiny Seed Co. back in 2017.  Originally an unnamed small batch feminized cross between Black D.O.G. x Chemdog91 “JB cut” x Snow Lotus; a small vial of seeds was given to my very good friend and MDSC collaborator Phocas Seeds (check him out @phocasseeds & and he found a true gem, thus we dubbed it “Black Chem.” We have kept it around since 2017 so to have be a part of this project means the world to me!


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