Golden Buckle

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Golden Triangle x Hucklebuckle (Kimdawg x Di Fruitti)

10+ m/f seeds per pack

Flower time: 9-10 weeks

Golden Buckle is a indica heavy hybrid. While her lineage is large, the Tresdawg from both parental lineages really comes thru. Chem, Kush, Chem and Kush, with more of the tart/gas in Di Fruitti heavy phenos. She has mad potential to stack, vigor like the strongest hybrid in the stable, and the potency to take down an elephant.

Golden Triangle Bred by Bodhi Genetics is Triangle Kush x Appalachia.

Mike AllDay’s Hucklebuckle is in an extraordinary plant; Line bred, and selected by Mike himself throughout many seasons right in south central Michigan’s finest hills.

It began with a small batch of Tres Stardawg 2.0 crosses that paired wonderfully with Kimbo Kush to make KIMDAWG. Mike’s pride, KIMDAWG, met her match with Mike’s selected Di Fruitti male (Harrry Palms collab with Karma genetics). Di Fruitti is Strawguava x Headbanger.


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