Herer Hashplant/Sour Boggle x Black & Blissful


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Herer Hashplant/Sour Boggle x Black & Blissful

5+ ⚢ Feminized Seeds per pack

Includes 2 ⚢Feminized freebie seeds of:

Lemon Layer Cake #4 x B&B. Lemon Layer Cake, bred by White Forest Seeds, is Lemon Tree x Ice Cream Cake.

Growth Traits:

60/40 Sativa Hybrid
THC %: 25-30
68-74 Day Bloom Cycle
Nutrient Intake: Above Average Feeder

Terps: “Jack terps” & Kush with fruity undertones

Mild to moderate difficulty strain for newer growers with low”ish” to moderate stretching during the first 4 weeks after switching to “bloom” aka flowering from veg. (going from 18h on/6h off in veg. to 12h on/12h off in flower in regards to the light cycles)

Notes from the Breeder:

The HererHP x Sour Boggle mother used in this cross is the sister line to my award winning Sour Goo line. Suitable for excellent head stash flower growth and does well both indoors, greenhouses and outside.

Genetic Lineage:

Black Chem clone (Phocas Cut) x reversed Blissful Wizard 32 clone Feminized

*Black Chem was the first feminized cross I ever made under Manifest destiny Seed Co. back in 2017.  Originally an unnamed small batch feminized cross between Black D.O.G. x Chemdog91 “JB cut” x Snow Lotus; a small vial of seeds was given to my very good friend and MDSC collaborator Phocas Seeds (check him out @phocasseeds & and he found a true gem, thus we dubbed it “Black Chem.” We have kept it around since 2017 so to have be a part of this project means the world to me!


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