Lemon Layer Cake x Black & Blissful


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Lemon Layer Cake x Black & Blissful

5+ ⚢ Feminized Seeds per pack

Includes 2 ⚢Feminized freebie seeds of:

Lemon Layer Cake #4 x B&B. Lemon Layer Cake, bred by White Forest Seeds, is Lemon Tree x Ice Cream Cake.

Growth Traits:

50/50 Hybrid

THC %: 25-32

68-74 Day Bloom Cycle

Nutrient Intake: Average to Above Average Feeder

Terps: Citrus, Straight GAS & Kush

Easy to grow and maintain for newer growers; with below average to moderate stretching during the first 4 weeks of switching from veg. to “bloom” aka flowering (going from 18h on/6h off in veg. to 12h on/12h off in flower in regards to light cycles)

Notes from the Breeder:

Excellent in all conditions, insane yields, solid resin production, super terpy and potent as heck! This one will be very special to those who are lucky enough to grab a pack before we run out. Two dominant phenotypes are easily apparent, one being more Lemon Tree like, then other a high yielding perfect poly hybrid. Prefers indoors and greenhouse environments but will perform just fine outdoors. Suited for top shelf super high grade flower production. The yields are 10/10!

Genetic Lineage:

Lemon Layer Cake is Lemon Tree (clone only) x reversed Ice Cream Cake bred by my dear friend and fellow Maryland legacy breeder @Whiteforestseeds (check him out on IG). This cross is a true MARYLAND made & bred collaboration and is some of the best work we have ever released.

Black Chem clone (Phocas Cut) x reversed Blissful Wizard 32 clone Feminized

*Black Chem was the first feminized cross I ever made under Manifest destiny Seed Co. back in 2017.  Originally an unnamed small batch feminized cross between Black D.O.G. x Chemdog91 “JB cut” x Snow Lotus; a small vial of seeds was given to my very good friend and MDSC collaborator Phocas Seeds (check him out @phocasseeds & www.phocasseeds.com) and he found a true gem, thus we dubbed it “Black Chem.” We have kept it around since 2017 so to have be a part of this project means the world to me!


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