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Holy Schnikes x Orange Flambé (Pledgé pheno)

5 ⚢ Feminized seeds per pack

Flower time: 9-10 weeks

Holy Schnikes, bred and selected by Rocky, is Strawberry Pie x Bebesita

Orange Flambé bred by Rocky Mountain High 719 is (OCD x M15) x Cherry Flambé

OCD x M15, bred by Capulator is OCD (Orange Cookies x Stardawg) X Miracle 15 (Colombian x Starfighter). M15, also known as Miracle 15, is a famed phenotype used to pollinate Alien Cookies to produce Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC).

Cherry Flambé bred by Greensnowman is Cherry Pie x Fabfuel (Jet Fuel x Fabuloso)

Pledgé pheno of Orange Flambé was hunted/selected by @gardenislegenetics in Hawaii and gifted back to Rocky.


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