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Crumbled Lime x Di Fruitti

10+ m/f seeds per pack

Flower time: 9-10 weeks

Limii is the gassed out, citrus we’ve all been looking for. If you’re into sour/limey terps with gas and the resin heads to back it up this that LOUD you want in your bag. Shes a stretcher, has the potential to pull weight even on the smaller nug (citron cookie) leaners.

Crumbled Lime Bred by Karma Genetics is Citron Cookies (Jillybean x GSC) x Biker Kush

Di Fruitti was a Harrry Palms collab with Karma genetics. Di Fruitti is Strawguava x Headbanger. Mike AllDay’s selection was a Headbanger dominant beast. Solid frame for such a vigorous stretcher. Fruity, Creamy terps with the added GAS on the back end. He tends to pass on his large head/weak neck trait to his progeny! (Hash dumpers)


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