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Grindcore 24 x Ghostblood Cookies bx

10+ m/f seeds per pack

Flower time: 8 weeks

Among being fairly short flowering this exotic pairing is born and bred Fire New Breed’s best. Thru line work his Ghostblood Cookies bx has brought such a complex, gas and berry dominant terp profile everything it touches brings the heat. Paired with his Grindcore 24 the heavy producing, crystal coated, and terpy monster will have you goin back for another bowl of Oops! All Berries.

Grindcore 24 bred and selected by Fire New Breed is Tre Stardawg x Breathwork

Ghostblood Cookies is Ghostblood Kush bx2 x (Now N Later Cookies x Ghostblood Kush bx2)

Ghostblood Kush bx2 is the backcrossing of Fire New Breed’s Ghostblood Kush (Ghostblood x Thai) x OG Kush into the original Ghostblood Sour Diesel x (Shiskaberry x Sour Diesel)

**Every pack includes a FULL Freebie pack of either Doughnutz 101 or Gasberry bx!**

*Grab Both Cotton Candy Grapes & Oops! All Berries together for $100 with BOTH freebies while supplies last!*


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