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Sunset Sherbet x Di Fruitti

10+ m/f seeds per pack

Flower time: 9-10 weeks

Sunsettii is like a summer night here in the mitten. the classic Sunset Sherb brings her well stacking nature to this bodacious pairing. Her pleasant fruity nature is matched with the GAS and Tartness of Mike’s selected Di Fruitti. a powerhouse for growth and a wonderfully bushy structure.

Di Fruitti was a Harrry Palms collab with Karma genetics. Di Fruitti is Strawguava x Headbanger. Mike AllDay’s selection was a Headbanger dominant beast. Solid frame for such a vigorous stretcher. Fruity, Creamy terps with the added GAS on the back end. He tends to pass on his large head/weak neck trait to his progeny! (Hash dumpers)


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