Swazi x Buster’s Breath


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Swaziland Landrace x Buster’s Breath

10 Regular m/f seeds per pack

Sativa dominant

Flower cycle: 10-16 weeks

Here we delve deep into FireNewBreed’s guts and glory. The Swazi, by no means a short flowering variety was gifted in seed form to Brian, he then hunted and selected a prime sativa lady to pair with his main man Buster’s Breath.

Buster’s Breath is a deep fried delicacy made up of Doughnutz #64 x Breathwork from Gage Green Group. Doughnutz #64 made and selected by Brian runs deep with FireNewBreed.

Doughnutz #64 = Ice Cream Cake x Ghostblood Kush. Ghostblood Kush = (Ghostblood x Thai) x OG Kush. Ghostblood = [Sour Diesel x (Shiskaberry x Sour Diesel)] All made and selected by Brian himself.

Buster’s Breath brings all the quality landrace vigor of classic strains while offering absolutely gorgeous, resin dripping, cup winning bag appeal, potency, and stout well-producing genes. Paired with this rare and exotic Swazi Landrace expect great vigor and bust-your-ceiling-open type growth on many phenos; with more densely packed, top shelf quality bud.



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